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Frequently asked questions

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  1. What is wrong with the existing Pavilion?
    It has long been recognised that the present Pavilion is not fit for purpose, is expensive to maintain (it makes a large loss) and is what many would consider an eyesore in it's present state. It is also subject to vandalism. There have been several efforts by Parishioners to refurbish or rebuild it in the past, but none of these have been successful.
  2. What is different this time?
    Edlesborough Parish Council (EPC) recognised that something had to be done and called a public Parish meeting in mid 2013 to ask for opinions and ideas. A wide range of ideas were suggested and recorded and the meeting determined that a steering group should be formed to advise EPC on the general views of the Parish and the particular requirements of sports clubs using the Green. The members of that steering group were elected at that meeting and it consisted of Parishioners, representatives of the sports clubs and of EPC.
  3. Edlesborough Community Sports Club C.I.O.
    In 2015 the steering group registered a charity and the original members became Trustees.They have worked with Edlesborough Parish Council to complete designs and help find grant aid to fund the project. The current objective is for the charity to operate the new pavilion once built as a "club of clubs" under a lease from EPC.